MMA Life UFC 195: Lawler vs Condit – Joe Rogan Preview Video Update

UFC 195: Lawler vs Condit – Joe Rogan Preview Video Update

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the best mma knockouts of 2012 by thebestmmahouse

Olympics of Ancient Greece has been the cradle of many boxing kind of sports and body exercises that are enjoyed till date. Mixed martial arts, a type of full hand-to-hand combat sports has been born and nurtured in this ancient city of the world. The original version of it was dubbed as pankration (where the words pan and crates translate to ‘all powers’ in Greece). This game was highly popular and it followed a fair play, where any kind of biting and eye gouging was strictly prohibited. The popularity catapulted the winners to the status of heroes and legends.
Prankration was not confined to the boundary of Greece. It went far and subsequently evolved into different martial art forms, which people are aware about (rather more conversant). It was Alexander the Great who sowed the seeds of interest of this game further across the world, especially in India. He based it as the method of selection while recruiting soldiers for his army. This sport served a good yardstick of physical strength and prowess for him.
This martial art travelled from one corner of the world to the other. Besides Alexander, it was also the initiative of Buddhist monks who spread the knowledge to China, eventually giving birth to several formats of martial arts like judo, karate and kung fu. Further on, a judo expert carried the knowledge to Brazil and thus was born the Brazilian art of Jiu-Jitsu.
Mixed martial art is a kind of sports which gives not only the pleasure of a fight, but also helps fighters stay active in body and mind. Such kind of body exercise allows the use of variety of techniques called striking and grappling. At Legends Mixed Martial Arts studio, you can learn this and all the other technicalities of the game. The expert trainers at the studio believe that it is not about becoming a pro fighter, but there can be myriad other reasons to learn the same, such as learning self-defense, losing weight and staying fit and fine.
Adults and kids can enroll at Legends MMA and join the classes, which are scheduled as per flexible timing. By making strong focus on stamina and expert moves, every effort is made to bring out the best talent of the trainee. The kickboxing programs are designed to bring out energy and agility. Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu training are also offered. The ultimate aim is to work out on a full body workout.

the best mma knockouts of 2012 by thebestmmahouse