MMA Life UFC 195 Free Fight: Carlos Condit vs Dong Hyun Kim – YouTube Video Update

UFC 195 Free Fight: Carlos Condit vs Dong Hyun Kim

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There is a martial arts secret that enables one to rule over this universe, and it is a great one. Of course, it takes the kind personality of a karate master to find it, and firm and unyielding discipline of a Kung Fu adept to figure it out. And a bit of excellent in this article.
When Joe Blow begins his study of the martial arts he is often just interested in one single thing: beating bad guys up. Well, maybe this is a little too simple, but there is a sufficient amount of truth in the statement. Simply, a good many people start studying karate or practicing Kung Fu because they have been bullied, have low self esteem, want to be able to stand up to people who have been picking on them, and that sort of thing.
So Joe Blow trains for a month, and finds that his enemies have miraculously melted away. People who were threatening to him are no longer a bother. He loves mocking up scenarios in his head of what would he do if somebody tried to punch him or kick him, or even come at him with a weapon.
Unfortunately, with competence come, for some, the end of the quest. No fear of being bullied, no reason to study. Perhaps these guys and gals were in the game for the wrong reason?
If Joe Blow was to continue learning karate or kung fu he would come to a place of silence in his own mind. He would come to a viewpoint that has no motion. He would discover a position of no motion, no matter what motion was happening in the universe.
Somebody throws a book at Joe, follows it up with fast, hard punch, pulls out a club the faster the motion gets, the less motion that occurs inside Joe’s mind. He just looks out from inside his head, even as his body moves ever faster. There is no motion to him, no emotion, nothing to distract him from observing the world, and handling whatever is happening in it.
Once a person arrives at this ‘no motion’ place, the world becomes a pretty friendly place. Nothing shocks you, and everything gets pretty easy to handle. Heck, even the cats and cows want to be around you.
What one must do, however, is understand that the point of the martial arts is not to beat up bad guys, though that can happen quite easily and with no effort. No, the purpose of such arts as kung fu and Karate is to learn how to handle motion until there is no motion in your head. This is the real martial arts secret that enables one to control the entire universe.

best mma brawls