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UFC 195: Fight Motion

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Many times attacks come from the rear. The assailant’s arms wrap around the victim. Their arms can be around the neck, the chest, the abdomen or in a full nelson. In this situation the victim’s arms can be pinned or rendered somewhat useless. In this article we will show a dangerous, to the attacker, but highly effective self-defense technique to perform.
Martial arts training includes escapes initiated from the rear. The victim’s arms may be pinned and the attacker may think they have the upper hand. There are a number of tactics to perform to free oneself in this situation. Depending on the amount of arm movement the victim has determines which technique to initiate.
The simplest martial arts self-defense technique to perform is a stomp to the top of the attacker’s foot. This can very easily break the small bones in the foot and cause immense pain resulting in a release. If possible, reaching back with the hands to gouge the eyes is another simple yet effective strategy. Smashing the back of the head into the assailant’s face or nose can work equally well.
However, the most dangerous technique against the attacker is rarely taught in martial arts. The reason is that practicing this self-defense move can severely injure a training partner. The tactic involves holding the assailant’s arms tightly and performing a front roll or summersault. Tuck the head closely to the chest and the aggressor’s head and face is vulnerable as they cannot use their arms to break their fall. Their face can be smashed into the ground breaking the nose, jaw or facial bones. If enough force is applied in the roll their neck could be broken as well. Use caution with this technique.

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