MMA Life UFC 195 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2 – YouTube Video Update

UFC 195 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 2

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UFC sold for $4 billion, White stays on to run promotion – Yahoo Finance
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Nowadays you can see the incidents of violence against women like being raped, harassed and domestically abused. These happen because attackers believe that women are weak and vulnerable. There are many things a woman can do to defend herself and crimes can be avoided if the woman knows how to defend herself.
There are places where you are not allowed for personal use in self defense devices like pepper spray and stun gun. Places like London when you carry those kinds of weapons by civilian even for self defence is against the law. Even without those devices your life doesn’t end here because there are some other ways to defend yourself. There are some??practicalities??used for self defence but no matter how practical is it you need to learn how use it. One of the most powerful weapon we have is our mind.
You must learn self defense classes in London as a woman. Learn about the different methods that you can use to fight crimes. Even if you are in different situations as long as you are determine to fight and defend yourself from the attackers you show them what women are made of. You must not only think of what you can do when you are outside your home but also when you are sitting in your own house.
If you cannot bring a self defense device then try martial arts in London. There are many different kinds of martial arts to learn and you can choose from. Join some classes and learn some basics of self defense. Equip yourself with skills and learn some different counter attacks on specific moves done by an attacker.
Lastly make use of the things that you have in your purse because if someone tries to attack you, hit them something which you are holding like your pen or keys as long as you do it with force. Make the attacker feel that you are not an easy victim.
Let the whole world know that women are not weak and can stand on their own. Be active and be aware on what you can do to protect yourself, your loved one, your family and your property. Show to the attackers that women are not be messed nowadays.

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