MMA Life UFC 194: Prelims – Live Tonight! Video Update

UFC 194: Prelims – Live Tonight! Video Update

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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has its origin during World War II. MMA is a combination of different martial arts as its name depicts. MMA is a combo of jujutsu, karate and judo. It also combines other hitting styles such as wrestling, boxing, muay thai etc. Earlier this type of sports was considered as useless but slowly it gained popularity and military personnel started using Mixed Martial Arts in warfare for their defense. While doing MMA it is required that both the contestants should wear MMA Gear to protect themselves against any injury. Main protection is done for the head, so head gear is most important for MMA. Other parts that are protected include leg bone, foot, chest, arm and mouth. In some competitions opponents are without head gear, it is seen in more advanced levels of fighters.
Gloves that Mixed Martial Arts player wears differ from boxing gloves. Boxing gloves are fingerless whereas MMA gloves are padded at the knuckles to reduce injury to the opponent’s face. Head gear protects the head from injury. Head gear also provides protection to the face. It prevents face from any bruises and concussions. Mouth guard protects the teeth and leg guards provide protection to bones of legs mainly tibia and fibula. Leg gurards are popularly called as shin guards and they are made extremely soft so that they do not obstruct the movement of the player. Earlier there were no rules for this sport but as it gained popularity rules were made for this game and it was made compulsory to wear guards to protect certain important parts of the body such as head and knees.
MMA gears are specially designed for the players to provide them stamina, support their muscles and provide better blood circulation. MMA gear is adhered to the skin to protect the skin during rolling and grappling. As MMA gear is adhered to the skin, it also helps to absorb sweat from the skin. MMA is a dangerous sport so a person involved in this play needs protection for important parts of the body. So these equipments are made necessary for this play to provide extra protection to the players. Both male and female play this sport and needs to wear different guards to protect their body parts from any injury.
As it is a dangerous game so a player needs to have courage and power so that they can defeat their opponent. In this sport lot of grappling and rolling is involved so it is necessary that a player should wear defensive equipment. Special clothing is also available for players for their protection. So, a player should wear protective equipment to play MMA.

best bjj guard for mma