MMA Life UFC 194: Nine Days of Fury Video Update

UFC 194: Nine Days of Fury Video Update

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McGregor tipped to be first UFC fighter to earn $100 million – Sport – NZ Herald News
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I?m sure you?ve heard about the different personality types: Type A?s are those that are very competitive and goal-oriented and Type B?s are the people who are more relaxed and laidback about life. Well, recently in the news, there has been talk about a third personality type, Type D. Type D?s are those who are often negative, hostile, depressed and moody and they are often insecure and tense in social situations.

You probably know which personality type fits you the best and there are pros and cons to each type. For example, while Type A?s are likely to succeed at everything they do or at least work themselves to the bone trying, they also often under a lot of stress. Type B?s are unlikely to experience stress because stressful situations tend to encourage them to get the job done and are usually quite unlikely to get irritated about the small things. Type D?s may or may not accomplish what they need to do because they are often in a distressed state of mind.

There is something that can help you balance your personality to increase your success (at whatever it is you want to succeed). Martial arts can give you the skills to balance the negative sides of your personality with the positive sides. Here?s how:

If you?re a Type A, you need something to help you relax and reduce stress. Training martial arts not only helps you reduce the same stress that other physical exercises do through the release of endorphins, it also helps you mentally as well. Training martial arts requires you to create a body-mind connection like no other sport or activity because you need to clearly focus and concentrate on the moves your practicing. A training session will allow you to clear your mind of work and anything else that might be causing stress in your life.

Type B?s can also benefit from martial arts because even though they are often even- tempered, everyone can use a fun, exciting physical outlet. Martial arts can offer this in a way that few other physical activities can. First of all, training martial arts is a full-body training. Practitioners don?t have to switch between upper and lower, abs and gluts. Additionally, martial arts training is always evolving to meet the practitioners growing skills and levels.

The last personality trait, the Type D?s can find great benefit from training martial arts. There is a sense of calmness and spirituality that comes with successful training that most type D?s could use in their lives to help balance out the negative emotions and thoughts that cause distress in their lives.

There are so many more benefits than those listed here including increased confidence, increased flexibility and increased self-defense abilities. Why not give it a try? No matter what type of personality you are, there are ways that martial arts can make your life even better!

best mma arts