MMA Life UFC 194: Luke Rockhold Backstage Interview – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Luke Rockhold Backstage Interview

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Drew Brokenshire Continues Parkland’s Trend of Producing Top-Flight MMA Fighters –
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Most people believe they’re in the business of whatever product or service they are selling or providing. A restaurant owner believes he’s in the restaurant business. A dentist believes he’s in the dentistry business and a martial artist believes he is in the business of teaching martial arts.
In reality you should be in the marketing, sales and lead generation business. That is working ON your school. Basically, working ON your school :
Anything that builds your student base or builds more value from your students is working ON your school instead of IN your school. So the acts of working ON your school would include:
Working IN your business is:
That last bullet is an important one. Working IN your school also includes the act of teaching classes. Taking incoming calls and setting appointments for introductory classes is also working IN your business. This may be confusing as many people would consider this part of the sales process – which it is. However, you should not be the lead sales person you should be the sales manager. That means you should create the sales process and sales scripts for the sales person, not be the sales person. So acts of working IN your business would include:
You should focus on writing sales copy, creating marketing and sales systems, etc. because you know better than anyone you might hire what your school is about. You know what type of student you are looking to attract. So you need to learn how to get your potential students to you, how to retain them, and how to get more from the
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best bjj in mma today