MMA Life UFC 194: Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor – GO BIG Preview – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor – GO BIG Preview

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Fabricio Werdum would have slapped Conor McGregor at UFC 197 presser | FOX Sports
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Kenpo Karate is a form of martial arts, the origin of which can be traced back in Japan and China. It is believed that this art form was inspired from animals and originated in the 16th century. In those days, the animals were observed by the martial artists and some of their defense strategies, and their fighting tactics were incorporated in the traditional Japanese and Chinese martial arts. Literally, Kenpo means “law of the fist” and it is fundamentally a system of self-defense not an attacking art or a sport. Following is an overview of the techniques used in Kenpo Karate.
Edmund Parker, the late Senior Grandmaster, introduced Kenpo in America and is regarded as the father of American Kenpo Karate. The martial art was modified by him and many concepts; many principles, new techniques and theories were included by him in this martial art form. When the martial art was first embraced by him, he gave named it Chinese Kenpo, but later he started referring to it as American Kenpo Karate, after bringing his own variations in martial art. However, the basic techniques of Chinese and American Kenpo are the same. In fact, he always suggested and motivated his students to develop new techniques that can be tailored to individual requirements and needs.
Dynamic Kenpo Karate
The techniques in Kenpo are absolutely based on swift body movements. No weapon is used by martial artists who practice Kenpo. Simply, the body is used in rapid-fire succession as a means of overwhelming the opponent. The establishment of modern Kenpo is formed by hand strikes and kicks. Apart from this, blocking, locking, punching, throwing, etc., are also emphasized in this martial art form. Basically, these techniques are a series of body moves performed in sequence that is already planned, so that a possible defense for any particular scenario can be illustrated.
There three stages or levels in which Kenpo Karate is taught, which are the Ideal stage, Formulation stage, and the What-If stage. Those who wish to learn Kenpo get started with the basic White belt, then; they gradually cross different degrees until they progress to Black belt. Kenpo practitioners who make it to Black belt are regarded as grandmasters of Kenpo. The belt systems of different organizations tend to vary, but generally, they comprise of the following belt colors:
– White
– Yellow
– Orange
– Purple
– Blue
– Green
– Brown
– Black
In order to become natural and automatic at Kenpo, the basic techniques have to be learned. The movements must be concise, effective and quick. Certainly, a lot of consistency, passion and practice are needed to accomplish this. As Kenpo practitioners obtain expertise and progress, they can make use of the various basic techniques for self-defense against an opponent when the attacking strategy is not known. This makes Kenpo an ideal martial art for self-defense.
The techniques included in Kenpo are not as difficult to carry out as those in martial arts like Kung Fu. Kenpo Karate is focused, hard fight and simple with brutal sparring or striking and speed rather than physical strength, thus people of every experience or body type can learn and perform it.

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