MMA Life UFC 194: Jose Aldo – Total Domination – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Jose Aldo – Total Domination

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Gegard Mousasi is a professional fighter that comes from Iran. Mousasi is a fighter that has been trained in a variety of styles and is proficient in each of them. His ability to fight with several different types on techniques makes him all the more dangerous.
Although he was born in Iran, he comes from a mixed nationality of Armenian and Dutch. The fighter stands at 6 foot 1 and weighs 210 pounds. He has fought under the weight classes of 205 and 185. Since 2009 he has been fighting in the 205 class.
Mousasi has had tremendous success to this point in his career. He has at some time owned the title of Dream Middleweight Champion, Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Champion, and Cage Warriors Middleweight Champion. These championships have come over time and through a lot of work. Mousasi has been truly impressive over the course of his fighting career.
Mousasi began his fighting training at any early age. He started by training in the discipline of Judo. By 8 years old he was already being taught in that fashion. As he got older he decided to switch over to boxing. He began to box when he was only 15 years old and managed to show his skills early on. Just one year after starting his boxing career he became the amateur boxing champion of the Netherlands. This continued on for a time until he decided to try kickboxing.
As a kick boxer Mousasi was downright dangerous. He fought just 7 fights over the course of his kickboxing stint, but nobody was able to stick with him. He was a perfect 7 for 7 in his kickboxing fights and even disposed of his opponents by way of knockout 4 times in those 7 fights. His success in all of these forms of fighting was simply preparing him for the success that could have later on when he would take on Mixed Martial Arts.
Mousasi started off fighting at 185 and had a lot of success doing so. Things eventually changed as he took on Musashi in a K-1 rules fight. The fight was scheduled to be an open weight fight and Mousasi sure took advantage of that. Mousasi turned up to the fight more than 30 pounds heavier than his normal 185 fighting weight. After taking this fight from Musashi he declared his desire to no more fight in the 185 bracket.
His Mixed Martial Arts career has been stellar up to this point. He has fought 33 total fights up to this point of his career. In those 33 fights he has managed to win 29 times. The most impressive thing is that he managed to end the fight early in all but two of those wins. He has knocked out 17 opponents while putting 10 others into submission. He has lost just three fights in his career. Two of these fights were lost by submission and he has never been knocked out in his kickboxing or MMA endeavors. He is currently considered to be one of the top 6 fighters in his weight class in the world.

best mma autobiographies