MMA Life UFC 194: Jose Aldo – Ready to Perform – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Jose Aldo – Ready to Perform

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Through my years of experience as a self-defense instructor I have come across a plethora of people who have taken self defense program and found out the hard way that what they learned was useless or hard to remember when adrenaline was pumping full speed through their bodies in a real life violent situation. Therefore, I have finally decided to write an article to assist educate readers on what characteristics to look for and ignore while seeking at joining a self defense program. First and foremost, let’s have a quick look at how adrenaline effect’s the human body.
The fact is that self defense has to be simple, a good number of operators hear it every day when a fear ridden person can’t remember their own address when asked so police can be dispatched to their home because the person on the line is hearing someone breaking into their house. Well, bottom line they cannot remember a thing since fear and adrenaline takes over. Take another example of an actual fire alarm situation and an individual is trying to open a locked door what happens? Your hand might start shaking and your fine motor skills go out the window. You try number of times to fit the key into the key hole. However, a task that you have done a thousand of times in your life time is now next to impossible to perform due to the effects of adrenaline.
Now the time has come when you should try to perform a complicated self defense technique when you are being attacked by a crazed madman. Imagine you will be able to remember step one then step two and so on of a complicated self defense tactic? I don’t think so, actually! Most self defense tactics are too complicated to remember, are sport or style based meaning it is taken from some type of martial arts and concentrated around the styles techniques. In addition to this, most self defense systems do not consider the effects adrenaline plays on the body such as effecting, your vision, hearing, effecting fine motor skill performance,having the sensation of heavy stiff limbs plus various other effects to the body. Simply put, realistic self defense systems consider these and various other variables so they are effective.
So, what do you seek for when it comes to knowing if a self defense program or institutution is realistic and right for you? 1. The self defense system is very simple and easy and is not style based but concentrates on anatomic weak points of the body to strike. 2. 2. The self defense system is actually personalized to your body type self defense should not follow a one size fits all objectives. 3. The system should concentrate on how to improvise in critical situations not focus on how to perform a certain tactic step by step. Make sure that the techniques of your chosen self defense program are natural and instinctive movements and are devastating upon impact to your attacker.

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