MMA Life UFC 194: Irish Fan Serenades Holly Holm – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Irish Fan Serenades Holly Holm

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You have probably involved into the unpleasant street fight or have seen a intimidating one. Street fighting is common despite how civilized our society is. None of us looks for a street fight, but sometimes it is stone-cold determined to find us. When you involve into a street fight unfortunately, you have to counter this and be prepared to protect yourself and your family.

You should be careful not to bring yourself a penalty when countering in a street fight to protect yourself. There are no penalties for low blow and for clenching the opponents. These are for self-defense. You should learn some real self-defense techniques which really work in the street fight. Defending yourself effectively when in intimidating street fight. Here are some simple tips for close combat training.

You should start with the basics. Practicing the single offensive techniques is necessary. You can make full use of the training aids including the punch bag as well as static and active partners. You should keep practicing the basics until you have a thorough master of these techniques.

And then you can practice different defensive moves against the same offensive move. Learn how to counter attack as well as defend. You should keep in mind keeping the physical contact under the control.

You now can learn to use offensive and defensive techniques on an opponent who has the same intentions. Free sparring is vital for it will bridge the gap between basic techniques and match fighting. It can develop your fighting ability.

The judgment of the observers is necessary because protective clothing will nullify some of the lethal attacks. Remember that all techniques are usually set up with distracting punches or kicks. Your ability to anticipate your training partner?s moves is important.

best mma gym in birmingham