MMA Life UFC 194 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6 – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 6

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How would you like to learn Jujitsu from Prince Charles? Or maybe a good solid class in Ninjitsu from Slick Willy Clinton? , how about, I’ve got Family Shaolin Kung Fu as taught by Nancy Pelosi!

You may think I am having a little fun with you, but there is a dark underbelly to all this. When the government decides to take over a business, you see, it tends to destroy, corrupt and confound that business. And I am talking any government, and any business.

Kung Fu, to name one example, been around for thousands of years, has been spreading long life, health, good physical conditioning, and some of the best darned self-defense imaginable. Then along came Chairman Mao, and Kung Fu was put to the torch. The method utilized for the destruction of the one of the greatest arts the world has ever known was called The Cultural Revolution.

Chairman Mao, during the Cultural Revolution, decided to cure society of elements that were harmful to society. Thus, people were carted off, never to return, to the tune of 70,000,000 strong. If you were quick of intellect, had any talent, or stood above in any manner, you were murdered.

If you were a school teacher, wore a wig, or had written a book, you were murdered. If you spoke out against Mao or played the violin, you were murdered. If you knew Kung Fu, you were definitely out of there.

Once the Revolution had run its course, the country began to rebuild, in the image of Mao. Funny thing, as China tried to catch up with a world that was still possessed of talent and intelligence, it discovered that there was a market for this thing called Kung Fu. Unfortunately, they had a problem, as they had killed off Kung Fu.

So, what does a government do when it has murdered an entire art, and then found that it needs it? Simple, you tell a few coaches to make up some Kung Fu. So they gathered a bunch of coaches, the ones who hadn’t known enough Kung Fu to be murdered during the revolution, read any manuals that survived the book burnings, and made up some Kung Fu!

And they made double sure that the Kung Fu didn’t have anything that could actually be used in it. You don’t want people able to actually have a Kung Fu that works. Heck, if they had that they might actually want to have a (choke) Great Revolution!

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