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UFC 194 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 3

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In the 50s of the 19th century, the world didn?t know anything about Tai Chi Kung Fu before the grand master Yeung taught Tai Chi in Beijing. The Tai Chi system he taught was called the Chan?s Tai Chi. In the 30s of the 20th century, the famous master Chan was invited to teach Tai Chi in Beijing. His kung fu was so good and personality so kind that people called him the Tai Chi Man.

During that time there were some people practicing Ng?s Tai Chi in Beijing and were quite famous. They heard about master Chan and his skills, so they invited him for some cultural exchange and sharing. After they greeted each other, they invited Master Chan to show them his Taichi routines. Master Chan did not refuse and immediately started doing his routines. After that he was leaving.

Everyone else were assuming an hour for the observation but turn out he finished in a little bit more than 10 minutes. They marveled at how powerful and quick master Chan?s moves were and started discussing. Some said he was too fast which is not correct according to traditional Tai Chi theory. But the Master Lau knew that although he did the moves fast, they were executed in smooth circle motions and although there were releasing of power, he remained relaxed. He was very humble and decided to learn Tai Chi under Chan.

One of Chan?s students was Master Hung who later became a really important person is the development of Taichi Kung Fu. Hung learnt the essence of Chan?s Kung Fu and improved the whole system and called it Practical Tai Chi.

One of the most important Tai Chi move is called the King Kong Pounding. It is actually the starting move of the first routine. In 1957, Hung went to Beijing and visited Chan. In the mean time, he asked whether the King Kong Pounding move can be used to handle attacks directly. Chan gave a positive answer. Later Hung change the move a little bit. The move is executed by raising right hand to contact opponent?s coming right straight punch with forearm. Left hand twists internally and places in front to avoid elbow attacks.

Hung used to tell a story about this move. During a time in the past, Chan was employed as a martial artist to defend a city due to the robberies there. Another martial artist in town heard the news came for a fight. Chan was smoking in the house with both hands holding something. The man came in and tried to punch Chan right away. Chan used the King Kong Pounding move to contact with his wrist and stretched his fingers. Immediately the man was knocked back and fell out of the door. This is how powerful the simple move can be.

best mma gyms in az