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UFC 194 Embedded: Vlog Series – Episode 1

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When it comes to making that thing called chi energy, tai chi kung fu is one of the better methods. What’s interesting is that the ideas used in that martial art can be used in Karate, taekwondo, hsing i, or whatever. The principles being utilized, you see, are pretty universal.
One of the first exercises one might encounter, if one finds a good tai chi chuan system, is ‘holding the bowl.’ This is an easy drill, at least for the first couple of minutes…smile. One simply assumes an hourglass stance, back very slightly rounded, and positions the arms as if holding a large pot.
The first problem one stumbles on when doing this exercise is mental. The mind starts thinking, and these thoughts tend to disturb the practice. Once one has firmly resolved to get past this phenomena, however, the mental aspect resolves.
The second problem in doing this drill is more physical. After an hour, the body starts to protest being made to do the discipline. It doesn’t want to run chi power through it, it doesn’t want to just stand there, and it will shake and quake and and even try to get ill.
Just ignore the mental yakkety yak, and ignore the body protest, and focus on the stillness of the mind (listen to the universe around you), and move chi energy through the body. After a short while in the holding the pot position one will start to feel chi power, and there are many things you can do with this energy. You can move the energy around the bowl of the arms, you can channel it around the major meridian running through the center of the front and back of the body, and you can do other sorts of tricks.
What is of importance is that this martial arts exercise has incredible effects. After becoming practiced at this posture, doing the karate pattern called Sanchin will show amazing amounts of chi power. One’s martial arts abilities will truly start to grow and manifest.
This exercise, incidentally, is one of the ten arm positions in the martial arts, as revealed in ‘The Perfect Technique,’ (Quality Press). Thus, it becomes an important tool for martial arts studies. The core principle behind this book is that there are only ten positions the arms can assme that will channel chi power, and that the position of the limbs in the ‘holding the bowl’ exercise, as done in tai chi martial arts, is the first and probably the most critical of these arm positions.

best mma gym in mesa az