MMA Life UFC 194 Conor McGregor VS José Aldo – Corner’s Reaction – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194 Conor McGregor VS José Aldo – Corner’s Reaction

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Cage Fighting, an Introduction
Cage fighting is a mixed martial arts discipline that is considered to be the most challenging and demanding contact sport around. The concept of cage fighting evolved from the notions of Bruce Lee and his philosophy of Jeet Kune Do. Lee argued that for a combatant to be considered an ultimate fighter and a champion he must be able to fight in any format or style, and it is this way of thinking that helped to create mixed martial arts (known also as MMA).
Cage fighting has since evolved in alternative variations and sister promotions, and its rules and components can vary depending on the country in which it is performed. The format has become a revelation in the US and worldwide since the inception the Ultimate Fighting Championship in 1993, which tournaments and championships held in many nations across the globe.
World Extreme Cage Fighting and Other Organizations
One of the leading promotions of mixed martial arts is World Extreme Cage Fighting, which was formed originally in 2001. The WEC boast some of the most technically adept and renowned MMA exponents from across the globe, many of whom compete in lower weight categories such as lightweight, bantamweight and featherweight. A large majority of World Extreme Cage Fighter competitors are established pugilists who have won world or Olympic honors, and are also life long students of the art and its vocation.
Freestyle cage fighting takes its name from the eclectic styles and combinations its fighters use in combat. Its fighters use a synthesis of variable styles of mixed martial arts, with different elements and techniques combined to create a single, unique style. It is difficult to achieve, but with dedication a combatant can utilize its different elements fully to become an effective competition fighter in mixed martial arts or vale tudo.
Cage Fighting Exponents and Legends
There are some famous and cult names associated with mixed martial art formats, and especially the phenomonen of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). The UFC, inaugurated in 1993, has a Hall of Fame that boasts some of most famous names in MMA history, including former champions and long term exponents. Tito Ortiz was one the sports earlier starts, who won and retained the UFC light-heavyweight title 5 times between 2000 and 2003, before defeat to interim champion Randy Couture after a years absence from the sport. Ortiz was the biggest pay per view draw in UFC history at the peak of his pugilistic powers. Roy Nelson is another legendary UFC fighter, who won the Ultimate Fighter 10 championship in front of 6 million world wide viewers.
The defeated combatant in that final was a cult figure in cage fighting, Kimbo Slice. Born as Kelvin Ferguson in 1974, the Bahamian-American was a renowned former street fighter whose exploits and bouts became regular features on the internet and in publications like Rolling Stone Magazine. His one recorded loss in a street fight was his most publicized encounter, and this propelled him into the MMA frame where he became a popular feature and brought his cult following along with him.

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