MMA Life UFC 194: Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo Octagon Interview – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo Octagon Interview

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When it comes to the martial arts, there actually is a True Art. The True Art is one that deals with science. In taching a martial artist how to be scientific I use something I call Matrixing. Science–Matrixing–can be used to understand how things actually work. Following is what one student realized when he studied Matrixing.

I thought that to be an instructor there was some intangible “it factor” you needed to have – but what’s needed is to pass on the data in a clear way so that it is all understood and can be applied.?
– I know that this course works because I knew and understand almost all the data in it from my prior training, and my instructor took the same course.
– I have also always wondered what was learned when a beginning student went full speed with the instructor, other than learning how to get beat up–Using Matrixing I got to the point where I was analytical and knew what was going on.? Learning Matrixing infinitely more beneficial than being a punching bag.

When this fellow told me his win I realized something:

The True Martial Art is all the pieces of all the Arts
put together scientifically and logically
so that they actually fit together.

I want to point out something here. In the front of the book ?Karate do Kyohan,?
Gichin Funakoshi asks a question:
?The Way, who will pass it on
straight and true.?

Well, we have our answer now. It will be passed on by people who learn how to apply science to their Martial Art, and this is best done through a comprehensive study of Matrixing.

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