MMA Life UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor – ‘UNIFY’ Trailer – YouTube Video Update

UFC 194: Aldo vs McGregor – ‘UNIFY’ Trailer

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If you are into the Martial Arts just to beat people up, to beer over the latest UFC results, this article is not for you. If, however, you think the martial arts are a vehicle to become not just physically and mentally stronger, but maybe even enable you to evolve as a human being, then this is the article for you. This is a straightforward and logical look at the three major steps necessary to evolution through the martial arts.

The first step of the martial arts is the level of the body. This is nothing more than making sure you have all the necessary body parts to do the martial arts, and that they are in relative working condition. To get started on the first level one need merely understand that, on a body level, the martial arts are nothing more than good calisthenics.

To make if from the first level to the second level, however, one needs to accomplish a concept which I have taken the liberty of labeling CBM. In the past masters would refer to this concept as utilizing the body as one unit, which was correct, but not always accurate in description. CBM means Coordinated Body Motion, and it is when the body parts all work together in synchronized fashion.

With CBM all body motion must begin at the same time. And, all motion must end at the same time. And, all motion from start to stop must take into account and coordinate the size, mass, length, arc, and so on of individual motions and parts.

When one accomplishes CBM, especially through a classical martial art, one’s intention is realized. Intention is your desire to achieve something, the working part of the essential idea of whatever end goal you are aiming for. This is the thing that is commonly, and with varying degree of error, described as Chi. That chi, or intention, can be described from so many different viewpoints and experiences is what makes it so confusing.

When one has CBMed one’s body, the next level is to CBM one’s art. I call this process Matrixing, and Matrixing is an actual science. When one starts to apply matrixing principles to their martial art they must examine all moves, all forms, and follow certain scientific principles to align that art. Like CBM before, one must take into account the relativity of all movements and align them to the concept of the form.

One could say that Coordinated Body Motion is for inside the body, and Matrixing is for outside the body, and while this isn’t entirely accurate, there is a sizable amount of truth to the statement. The Martial Arts, you see, while they work, could work a whole heck of a lot better. There has been so much interbreeding of cultures and interests and viewpoints and so on, that the martial arts fairly well mushed up.

When one accomplishes the second step of the martial arts, and matrixes what he is doing, the true grandeur of the arts is revealed. Senses expand and take in a whole new world, people see what they were unable to see before, and the blind awake. CBM, Matrixing, human desire to undertake and succeed, these are at the heart of the martial arts, and these are what the true martial artist must seek to understand and employ on his journey to the truth of his soul.

best mma woman