MMA Life UFC 193 Weigh-Ins: Rousey and Holm COLLIDE, Ronda calls Holly fake! Video Update

UFC 193 Weigh-Ins: Rousey and Holm COLLIDE, Ronda calls Holly fake!

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Knockout Full Contact Karate is a very broad definition that defines a knockout as a win and light contact sparring where a knockout is considered a foul. It is also used to define different styles and schools of Karate that utilize the full contact methodology in their teachings. There are several different formats for this sport. Each format has a different history and was developed in different places as well as at different times.

Some of these styles were independently developed, however, others were developed from full contact systems, light contact system or a hybrid of both. There is no one governing organization that organizes and controls all the different formats used. The rules can change substantially between not only independent organizations but with different promoters. Some organizations remain loyal to a specific set of rules. Some go back and forth between several different rule formats.

There have even been cases where the Tournament Rules would arbitrarily switch right in the middle of a competition, and right between rounds within the same fight. Full Contact Point Karate is one popular style that is used a lot. With this style if you knock your opponent out you still win the match and you will not be disqualified. Points are aggregated for clean hits to certain parts of the opponents body. If there is no knockdown or knockout, the bout is purely judged by points accumulated during the match.

Although Martial Arts Protective Gear is commonly worn, all punches and kicks are full contact. This form of Martial Arts is mainly practiced in North America, however, it is also practiced in Europe just less frequently. Taekwondo also uses a similar competition format. Taekwondo places a large emphasis on kicking. American Full Contact Karate is another variation used which started in the 1960’s and 1970’s. It borrowed a lot of the methodologies and rules from Western Boxing. There are no round breaks offered with this style in the bout.

UFC 193 Weigh-Ins: Rousey and Holm COLLIDE, Ronda calls Holly fake!