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UFC 193: The Journey – Joanna Jedrzejczyk

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It is very important to understand the fact that you must defend your self and not depend on external factors to help you. For this you must learn street fighting techniques. If you learn street fighting moves you will come to know that they are the most effective forms of self defense and do not involve lethal weapons. Therefore they can be learnt by almost any individual of any size and sex. The street fighting techniques are not some old or ancient secrets that have been passed on from generations to the special families. They are in fact the most brutal and sensible ways to defend your self from serious attacks and assailants.

In order to learn street fighting techniques you need not go to the marital arts school. Lot of information is available on the internet. Some of it points to the fact that you must have control of your surroundings. Absent mindedness will attract attackers. This translates into showing your assailants that you are aware of their intentions and that you are on guard. You must always keep away from deserted areas and take routes where there is more number of people.

When you learn street fighting moves you will come to know that the element of fear will paralyzes your thinking and you will tend to become illogical. Therefore when you are under any attack it is important that you gain self control and do not fall a victim of panic. Panic and fear are a human?s worst enemies. They blur the vision and ability to think rationally. The main point is that you must have rational approach in case of self defense. When you are under the influence of alcohol, your rational thinking will automatically leave you. Thus reduce the consumption and limit till you can comprehend situations.

When you learn street fighting moves in the marital arts school, they tell you about the importance of kicks. Kicks are an essential technique in any type of marital art. But kicking the assailant on any part of the body doesn?t work while you are street fighting. If you try to kick the assailant in the mid-section or the head, then most probably the assailant will catch hold of you and throw you on the ground. Thus when you learn street fighting techniques, smartness involves kicking a person on the knee.

A kick on the front side of the knee will make your opponent writhe in pain. This is because you will be damaging his knee by either ripping his cartilage or breaking the knee cap. Another smart move is to kick the person in the inner side of the knee with full force. This will be enough for the attacker to fall on the ground and you can run away from the ugly scene without getting hurt. It is not difficult to learn street fighting moves. But when to apply the same is what you have to learn.

Violence is everywhere in the streets of any country and culture. We can be the next victim of the criminals. Our children can get attacked anytime. Criminals don?t leave the older generation also. For them the ultimate motive is to get money by any means ? how-so-ever unfair it is. Therefore we have to learn street fighting techniques in order to have a better future.

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