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UFC 193: Learning Aussie Slang with the UFC

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Goju ryu was developed by Chojun Miyagi, who was born in took the name from a chinese text called “bubishi” which explains the eight precepts which make up the training in this style of martial art.

The precepts teach the student that all of our capabilities will be dicovered throughout our training. Goju ryu is a martial arts style based on opposites, such as hard and soft, or circular and goju ryu, you will practice the art of close battle and focusing your attacks on your opponent’s weaknesses.

The first technique to learn is blocking; once you know how to block, you can then attack. Goju ryu blocking techniques can range from fast and furious to slow and soft. The many standing positions in goju ryu are defined by the angle the body which is relative to a horizontal plane. The way you hold your body is very important; as many positions come from the natural positions of animals.

When learning goju ryu, it is vital to learn the basics first, and more advanced skills when you’re ready. At this point, you can then start learning more advanced kata.

The art of controlling and attacking are the essence of Goju ryu. You must control your opponent before you attack; if you do not, you will be unable to apply the techniques learned to defeat them. Once your opponent is under control, you can use one of several techniques to counterattack. Goju ryu’s three phases of defeating your opponent are:1) Control your opponent.2) Weaken your opponent.3) Defeat your opponent.

This style of martial art is excellent in self defence situations. Click here for more information about goju ryu and the eight precepts

best mma gym in new zealand