MMA Life UFC 193 Free Fight: Valerie Letourneau vs Jessica Rakoczy Video Update

UFC 193 Free Fight: Valerie Letourneau vs Jessica Rakoczy Video Update

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There are many different types of martial arts such as judo, tae kwon do, aikido, mixed martial arts etc. However, one of the most famous and popular types is Brazilian jiu jitsu gi. This martial art is probably one of the most applicable and useful fighting methods that can help you in a real fight. It basically teaches you how to defend against an opponent that is bigger and stronger than you by using very little to no strength. This is an excellent self defense technique that can help both men and women.
The best part of learning jiu jitsu is that it teaches you how to fight against strikes as well as on the ground. Since the majority of fights end up on the ground, it is essential that you know how to defend yourself there. This martial art is one of the few that is practical to real life fights and many law enforcement agencies as well as military usually train their officers in the form.
There are many reasons why people want to learn this form of fighting and it is essential that you identify your reason before learning it. One of the main reasons why people start this martial art is to learn how to defend themselves. In this case, this martial art will definitely teach you a few excellent self defense moves as well as how to fend off an attacker. If you train for this reason, then you’re probably not interested in competing on a professional level.
Those who want to learn for competitions can gain much by learning this sport on both a physical and mental level. There are usually many competitions that are held throughout the year and you can take part in these.
However, before you actually start, you need to find a good school to learn and train with. There are many ways that you can find ones in your area such as searching on internet, telephone directories or simply by referral and recommendation. You should make a list of schools that you can check out personally in order to determine which is the best fit for you. When you look at instructors, you need to make sure they are fully certified black belts and are certified to train and run a dojo. They should also be in existence for awhile so you know they are not a fly by night school.
You should only be trained by an instructor that has a black belt than someone with a lower belt. The reason for this is that they wouldn’t have the extensive training and experience as someone with a black belt and would not be able to teach you properly. They would act as more of a training partner than a teacher.
The last factor that we will be looking at is the attitudes of the instructor and his/her students. If you find that they have poor attitudes or have inflated egos, then you should probably stay away from this school. Also, you need to pay attention to how well they teach and make sure that they do not use too much force when sparring with you.
Those were a few quick tips on how to choose a good Brazilian jiu jitsu gi school and get started learning this art form.

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