MMA Life TOP 10 Steroid Busts in MMA – YouTube Video update

The MMA Life TOP 10 Steroid Busts in MMA – YouTube Video update MMA


2016 mma hcm

As an MMA trainer & instructor there is not one day that goes by without someone asking the question.

?How long until I can turn Pro? or When will I be ready for the UFC??

I can not tell you how many times I have heard that question. How do I answer such a loaded question? I mean how long does it take to become proficient in anything? Most who ask this question are looking for a fast track or magic pill that will make them an MMA Champion over night. FYI, that magic pill does not exist, and believing that it does will have you searching down the wrong path for MMA success. In the past I would laugh to myself then ask the person in front of me how long it would take them to become a rock star or win an Oscar? Seems that was not the answer that they were looking for so I decided to really come up with a few basic rules that can help anyone to accelerate their MMA learning curve.

Below you will discover what I now share with everyone seeking to accelerate their MMA training. The principals that are outlined are exactly the same ones that I have taught to many of todays’ MMA Champions and trainers. By using the base principals outlined in this article I have also helped dozens of everyday people just like you jump start their MMA training and career. Now you too have these exact same concepts in your hands.

Are you ready to finally achieve those hard fought MMA goals? If so, read on and apply the following to your own MMA training ?

1. Leave your ego at the door

Any pre-conceived notions of fighting techniques, training methods, MMA culture … should be cleared out of your mind before any MMA session. You will find your true self through MMA so do not let the cocky, know-it-all, done that before attitude invade your thoughts or actions. An open beginners mind is conducive to learning, absorbing and implementing the myriad of skill sets needed to master MMA.

One of the biggest barriers to learning is thinking that you know everything already. It often boggles the mind how people without any prior experience, knowledge or success in any combat art form believe that MMA is where they can make their fame & fortune. Remember that just because you play John Madden NFL on video does not mean that you will suit up any time soon for an actual NFL team.

Every time that you go to the gym to train you should have a reason for doing so:

* learn a certain technique
* increase strength, conditioning, focus …
* work on rhythm, timing, movements …
* rebuilding your body
* muscle memory mobility drills…
* mental imagery, positive self talk, breathing …

So that like solving a never ending puzzle that is slowly being filled in piece by piece by the time spent working on it. Whenever you hear yourself or anyone for that matter trying to shame you with fear, ignorance or negative talk … do not forget that you already left that voice at the door on your way in. Stop it clear your mind, focus and remember why you are there, to learn.

2016 mma hcm