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best mma fighters by weight class

Have you been convicted of a crime and about do some hard time in prison? Are you worried about your safety, wondering how you can possibly survive? I don’t blame you. Prison is a scary, dangerous environment. It’s not a fun place to be by any means. In order to survive, you’re going to want to learn how to protect yourself. There’s just no way around it – Luckily, I have done some time in my life and can give you some tips on what you need to do to protect yourself in prison.
1. Muscle up. Now’s the time to start getting into shape and strengthening your body. You don’t have to become a body builder, but the stronger you look, the less likely it is that someone will try to mess with you. Get into a strict workout routine, start a protein-rich diet, and bulk up as much as possible. Lifting weights is a great way to build the arm strength you’ll need to both appear tough and hold your own in a fight.
2. Study martial arts. Most of the other prisoners aren’t going to have any formal fight training, so learning and mastering any style of martial arts will give you a huge advantage in any fight. In addition to making you stronger, you’ll learn how to actually employ strategy in a fight and counter any attack you encounter. Believe me when I say that being trained in martial arts is probably the best thing you can do to hold your own in any fight. There are many different style that you can learn, so ask an expert on what they think the best one for you would be. You should be able to find a dojo near you that can give you the proper training.
3. Keep a low profile. The best way to win a fight is to prevent it. You’re going to want to stay out of trouble if at all possible. Just go about your business, keep to yourself as much as you can, and try not to cross paths with the wrong people. If something goes down, it’s best to not get involved.
4. Make Friends – A lone wolf is more vulnerable to being attacked by its enemies than one that’s part of a pack. This one is a bit tricky though – You don’t want to cozy up with just anyone, but if you befriend the right people it can stop anyone from ever trying to mess with you. And on the other side of the coin, you’re going to want to avoid making enemies or getting on anyone’s bad side. If you give someone the proper amount of respect, you’re more likely to receive that respect back in return.
By following these basic tips, you should be able to better protect yourself while you do your time in prison. While it may be difficult, remember that you will make it through this and have another chance at your life. Good luck.

best mma fighters by weight class