MMA Life Stipe Miocic UFC 198 Media Scrum Video Update

Stipe Miocic UFC 198 Media Scrum Video Update

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Sword fighting is a popular art in Martial arts. It is considered as a prominent art.
Students who want to learn sword fighting can start by enrolling themselves in a Japanese martial arts training school where sword training is taught or a school for Japanese sword training.
The training at these schools starts with teaching different sword arts to the students and the basics of handling different types of swords. Different types of sword techniques taught at the school include:
Kenjutsu: It is a general term which is used for all sword arts Japanese. In this technique, students are taught combative swordsmanship.
Kendo: This is the term used for ‘way of sword’. This technique teaches discipline. Kendo is very challenging and practiced by wearing traditional styled Japanese clothes, armour for protection and shinai.
Iaido/Iaijutsu: This is an art of smoothly drawing katana from sheath in controlled manner, then using it to get rid of opponent, cleaning blood off katana and finally placing back in sheath.
Before a student can actually start fighting with real blade, training is given using ‘wooden swords’. Different types of swords are used in training. Some of the swords which are by martial artists to start sword training:
Shinai: This is a wooden sword which is made using long bamboo sticks which are tightly bounded together with the help of a string. Kendo uses shinai.
Bokken: This is another wooden sword which is commonly used for practicing in martial arts. Typically, it is made up of Asian red oak but beginners may use foam sparring bokkens. It is typically used in kenjutsu but may also be used in Iaido.
Katana: is a curvy, long, single-edged sword and is one of the famous in Japanese sword fighting. Unsharpened katanas are used in Iaido.
Iaito: This is a replica of real katanas and suitable if wants to practice katana. Used in Iaido.
Shinai is used for sword sparring instead of katana or bokken due to safety reasons.
Always remember safety is very much important. Thus, training is started with safe weapons. Lots of practice is needed in order to master a technique before actually working with real, live blade swords.

best foods to eat when cutting weight for mma