MMA Life Ronda Rousey’s 3 Best Judo Throws in MMA – YouTube Video update

The MMA Life Ronda Rousey’s 3 Best Judo Throws in MMA – YouTube Video update MMA


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Martial arts have developed greatly over the last ten years. And you have different methods of combat. There are also a wide range of applicable techniques that submits an opponent. There are techniques that apply to any form of martial art, be it the MMA or the Submission grappling. Some of these include, among others the rear naked choke, the ankle hold and the kimura lock. Knowing many of these techniques and how to apply them would make for an effective fight. I would like to discuss the rear naked choke technique in this article.
The term derives from the jujutsu martial art. It has also been used as a technique in the judo. In the judo martial art, it is known as the “Hadaka Jime”. This method involves the choking applied to the neck from behind. It is also called naked strangle. This technique doesn’t require any form of tool or uniform. The one using the technique winds his arm around the opponent’s neck then holding firmly on his or her biceps. It can also be applied with bare hands. Here, the attacker would have his hands around the opponent’s neck. This later could be considered blood choke. It will abrupt the movement of blood towards the brain through the carotid arteries. This technique can cause unconsciousness in the victim for some few second who allows the attacker to take advantage or to score more points.
Note that the neck is a sensitive part of the body. The rear naked choke can also cause whiplash or other neck injuries if the attacked attempts a stupid escape. This method is very effective for submission. It is important to use it with a lot of discipline, especially in training sessions as it could cause suffering to a partner. In the case that a partner in training doesn’t surrender but attempts to flee, it could be advisable to let go. This method could be applied using any position. However, it is important to learn and practice the defences against it to be able to get off the hold.
Just like any technique, it is important to determine first if you are in the advantageous position before applying. There are definitely many reverse techniques or counter attacks against every hold. Knowing how to defend you against them is important. In training sessions for any Martial Arts, is it BBJ, Judo or submission grappling, it is important to know various techniques and how they work. This will enables you to be able to escape them on time. Being able to read your opponent’s reflexes before time could be very helpful in steering off any hold. This comes from long training and awareness while being engaged in a fight.
Using the rear naked choke could automatically cause your opponent to surrender. It is important to determine when to use you. Making sure that you will have all the advantage before using this technique is definitely necessary. This will also help you get out of any surprises.

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