MMA Life Ronda Rousey: To Hate or Not to Hate? That is the question (Injury Update is in the description) Video Update

Ronda Rousey: To Hate or Not to Hate? That is the question (Injury Update is in the description)

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So often woman self-defense and martial arts training teaches that a swift kick to the groin of a man will incapacitate him. The fallacy is perpetuated on TV and in the movies. Some of the funniest videos on TV and the internet revolve around a man being struck in the groin with some object. But do not be fooled by what you see. The reality is in a life-threatening situation many men will not be subdued after being struck. In this article I will show when and how to use a groin strike.
If you have ever seen a “low blow” in a boxing match you know that a man will not necessarily be knocked out by a single strike to the groin. Granted boxers wear protective equipment to lower the risk of injury. But a strike by a highly trained athlete that could knock out an opponent that only phases the opponent for a few minutes gives you an idea. Women martial arts self-defense training needs to teach attacking the groin area. But not as an end all defense technique. Young women especially, that have seen it over and over on TV, need to know this.
Men have had their entire lives to prepare to defend the groin area. This is where the fallacy begins. Most men have at one time or another, during a sporting competition, falling off a bike, etc. been hit in the groin. They understand what the feelings accompanied with a strike to the area entails. Men will not voluntarily let a woman or anyone else have a free shot. Most men will instinctively block a strike to the groin faster than blocking a strike to the head.
Adrenaline or drugs can many times mask the pain of a strike. An assailant has built up adrenaline prior to grabbing you. A junkie hopped up on methamphetamine or cocaine may not react at all. A complete drunk can act in the same manner. You cannot expect that your attacker is sober and not dulled by drugs or alcohol. If your first shot misses or has little or no effect you could be in serious trouble.
There is a time and a place for a groin kick. It needs to come as a surprise or at an inopportune time. Your first defense technique is always to leave the area if you can. If you must strike preemptively or counter the best possible area to attack is the throat or eyes. Following up a barrage of strikes to the eyes or throat with a knee to the groin is the surprise as the assailant is concentrating on defending his face or head.
If grabbed from behind a hammerfist to the groin could be an option. A better option may be a stomp to the top of their foot with your heel. Following up with the hammerfist is the surprise. The point is do not believe the single strike to the groin fallacy. It is not as easy as they show in the movies. It can be an effective self-defense technique with a surprise attack but do not rely on the one “magic” shot to defend yourself.

Ronda Rousey: To Hate or Not to Hate? That is the question (Injury Update is in the description)