MMA Life Ronda Rousey Suffers BRAIN INJURY? Suspended 6 Months Following KO Loss! Video Update

Ronda Rousey Suffers BRAIN INJURY? Suspended 6 Months Following KO Loss!

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In a perfect planet, we would all go through life without ever having to face the possibility of a physical altercation. And in some cases this does happen. Some people go their entire lives without ever fighting with anyone. But unfortunately in this day and age, there may be a need for you to have to defend yourself. In other words, trouble may find you and you may find yourself with no other options than to confront your attacker.
If this is the case, here are some hard rules to follow that can save you in a fight. I’ll go over a few of the most common scenarios. Remember your objective isn’t to “win”, it’s to get out of the situation alive and unharmed if possible.
1.) Always Keep a Cool Head – Try to stay calm and do not panic. Panicking usually just makes the attacker angrier than they already are. If you stay calm you will have more time to think about how you are going to react to the situation as it unfolds.
2.) Defense Against Headlocks – If you find yourself accosted from behind and placed in a headlock, tilt your neck to the side of their elbow fold then tuck your chin in. This will make it impossible for your attacker to choke you. Then, completely relax and fall to the ground. This way your attacker will be forced to hold you up by your own body weight which is nearly next to impossible. This will force them to let you go. Then if possible try to make a run for it if they aren’t armed with a pistol.
3.) Grabbed From Behind – If someone grabs you from behind using a Bear Hug, the best thing to do is to head butt them from behind. If you attempt to step on their heel or kick them in the groin, it will probably just infuriate your attacker. But the human skull is amazingly powerful. Just 2 good head butts from a lady, in other words, back of your head hitting their nose, is the equivalent of getting hit 4-6 times by a man. Once again, if this frees you make a run for it.
4.) Keep a Weapon Handy – If you work in an office, a pen or pencil make a great weapon. As a general rule, use sharp objects to go after soft tissue, like an eyes, throat or belly for example. Anything solid and hard you have with you, like a can should be aimed at the bone.
5.) Move Side To Side – A moving target is a lot harder to hit. Try to stay as versatile as possible for as long as you can.
6.) Leave Forensic Evidence – If the worst happens and you find yourself in a situation that you feel is hopeless, dig in with everything you have. Wipe his blood on your clothes. These days forensics are so advanced. Leave a deep bite mark, if you can try to bite any major vein and don’t let go.
Nails – Also use your nails and scratch your attacker. I mean a nice long deep scratch. After the attack and if you are able, immediately call the police and do not take a shower. Let them get the DNA from your finger nails. If your attacker has a criminal history, they might be able to find him in the criminal databases and identify them just from this information.
Throughout the entire process keep calm and focus 100% of your energy on disabling your attacker and use your head. Never fight out of emotion. You want to do everything in your power to get through this situation and get back to your family as well as collecting Forensic Evidence so you can also bring your attacker to justice.

Ronda Rousey Suffers BRAIN INJURY? Suspended 6 Months Following KO Loss!