MMA Life Ronda Rousey gets knocked out!!! Holly Holm with the upset!!! – YouTube Video Update

Ronda Rousey gets knocked out!!! Holly Holm with the upset!!! – YouTube

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Is one school really going to be better than another one?
Should you just go to the cheapest or most convenient school? If it is not the style and it is not the degree of black belt, how can you tell which is the right school for you?
I would recommend two methods. Method one: ask the instructor the right questions. What training do you have in teaching the martial arts? May I see some references? If you have any special concerns or considerations, ask that too. For example, ‘I have a bad knee, what would you have me do differently?’ or ‘my child has been diagnosed with ADD, have you worked with ADD before? What training do you have in teaching ADD kids and how do you handle them?’ DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK THESE QUESTIONS!!! It is worth investing a little time before you invest your money just in case the martial arts turns out to be something that really affects your life.
The second method I would recommend is to try a free class. Don’t just watch a class. You can not tell if you want to play soccer by watching ESPN and you can’t accurately decide if karate is something you want to do from the sidelines. So try it! A good school will feel right. The instructors will do their best to make you or your child comfortable and will teach in a respectful and helpful way. If something feels wrong for your body, you should not have to do it. That is not smart or safe.
The best schools always have one thing in common: a great culture. People are friendly and the instructors and students seem comfortable with each other. If the atmosphere is tense or rude, you are not going to be motivated to back week after week, try another school.
Why do I think Integrity Martial Arts is the best?
Integrity Martial Arts, LLC (IMA) is a company committed to the positive development of the mind and body through innovative and educational programs. We have taken the time to expertly develop curricula and staff that will make a difference for you. Whether you are interested in getting in shape or learning effective self-defense or getting your child involved in an activity that is active, fun, and promotes respect, self discipline, and self-control, we have the right program for you.
“Since starting classes at IMA, we have noticed growth in self confidence in both of our children. They are both much more comfortable speaking and performing in front of others.”
Karen Raina, 2nd Grade TeacherMother of Delani, age 6 and Halle, age 4
“Casey has learned and continues to learn lessons she will carry with her for the rest of her life. Integrity is indeed a very special place.”
Scott Coen, TV Sportscaster, ABC Channel 40Father of Casey Coen, age 11
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Ronda Rousey gets knocked out!!! Holly Holm with the upset!!! – YouTube