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Ronda Rousey: Bring On The Meat Pies!

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The very first move of Karate, as demonstrated in the first form, called Heian One, or Pinan One is a step to the side with a low block. The fact of the matter, however, is that Karate was not designed for blocking. Yes, there are blocks in the art of Karate, and it can be adapted to blocking and striking, but it was not designed for blocking except by the way.

Karate was designed to guard the king of Okinawa. The Imperial bodyguards were trained to use their art in a room filled with warriors from different countries. Soldiers with different weapons and ways of fighting, while the Okinawans had to remain unarmed.

Thus, would you block a samurai sword? Would you try to deflect a bullet? Because these were the real weapons that the bodyguards had to face.

Consider also that the first command a general might give his troops, if they were to attempt to kidnap the king of Okinawa, would be to restrain the bodyguards. This means that samurai would step forward and grab arms, perhaps preparatory to tying the hands of the bodyguards, or merely herding them from the room, or otherwise controlling them. And this means that the first defense of the bodyguards, as described by the first technique in the first form, would be to step in, dropping the weight and arm, thus escaping from the technique, and possibly head butting those who tried to grab them.

That’s right, an evasion for a wrist hold, then a violent step forward to close with and punch and shove the samurai, or whoever the warriors were. This would disrupt the attackers. This would allow the king to be removed from the throne room.

Now, examine the form, look at it. This is the only way it makes sense. This is the start of what the bodyguards who created the art had in mind.

If the samurai drew a sword, the bodyguard had to close with the samurai. This is the reason for the big steps in the form, to enable the bodyguards to get so close the samurai couldn’t draw their swords. This explains the moves of forms that have been adapted to block and counter moves that, really, don’t make sense in such a situation.

If a samurai attempted to close with a bodyguard and restrain him, the bodyguard had to break the grip, head butt, then push forward. This is the truth behind the first technique of karate, and this is the start of how the art was designed to work. Thinking about the movements in this manner reveals an art that is true beyond belief, but only if you can put aside the way you were taught and believe in the true art known as karate.

Ronda Rousey: Bring On The Meat Pies!