MMA Life Miesha Tate on becoming UFC bantamweight champion – YouTube Video Update

Miesha Tate on becoming UFC bantamweight champion

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UFC star Miesha Tate saves girl with broken arm while hiking | Fox17
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Mixed Martial Arts or commonly known as MMA is a form of dynamic martial art which incorporates many forms of different fighting styles. MMA could a mixture of any combative art but the prominent fighting styles which have molded what it is today are:
1. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: This is obvious from many of MMA fights. You could recognise the guard position and various submission holds. These are originated from Brazilian Jui Jitsu or commonly known as BJJ.
2. Judo: The hip toss and other throws are judo’s techniques which have form part of MMA.
3. Collegiate wresting: clinches and takedowns where commonly used during a MMA fight are from collegiate wresting.
4. Muay Thai: The kicks and knee-and-elbow moves, are the Muay Thai techniques.
5. Submission wrestling: This style has contributed the moves such as position flows and submission combination to MMA.
6. western boxing: Remember the strikes used in a MMA fight? If you have ever watch a western boxing match you will know how similar they are.
In order to become a well-rounded MMA fighter, the fighter normally combined the above combative arts styles into one, which is commonly known as submission fighting. If you break down the Mixed Martial Arts skill sets you will get two main categories:
1. The stand-up fighting
This category covers punches, kicks, knee-and-elbow moves, takedowns (moving your opponent from a standing position to the ground).
2. The ground fighting
This form of fight consists of engaging a fight from a guard or mount positions, strike from a ground based positions and submissions.

best mma defense