MMA Life Mark Hunt TOP 5 ★ Knockouts in UFC – YouTube Video Update

Mark Hunt TOP 5 ★ Knockouts in UFC

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Martial arts fighter Mayhem Miller faces more legal troubles after Costa Mesa arrest
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Before rushing out and signing up to the closest Mart Arts school it is wise to consider a few key aspects of Martial Arts training. Besides, regardless of the style you eventually opt for ALL Martial Arts will teach you self discipline and self defence skills amongst other useful attributes.
Self Defence
Some schools concentrate on self defence more than anything else. Whereas, clubs that focus on forms, light sparring and the historical training methods of the style itself are less likely to furnish you with efficient self defence skills, initially at least. If you are looking for effective ‘street’ self defence, you’ll need to find a club that trains tough and tests the skills learned under pressure.
While Martial Arts training will enhance your fitness various styles do not place a great deal of importance on it. Numerous styles are simply interested with historical accuracy and mastery of technique and put physical fitness behind these goals and so avoid a lot of fitness training as a result. If fitness is the main reason you want to start training you should consider one of the combat sports.
Fighting Skills
There is significant variation between styles in the fighting skills taught, some place greater emphasis on the more nasty, and so effective, techniques than others. Self defence schools will teach you how to inflict damage on an attacker as quickly and efficiently as possible. In contrast, other schools will insist on you learning kata and other drills before getting to the nasty stuff.
Competition and Tournaments
Some styles, even the traditional ones, focus wholly on competing and it’s all about medals won. There are a variety of competitions with the training being different for these as a result. For instance, there are full contact and light contact competitions, with timing and movement considerations stemming from the training as a esult. Safe to say full contact training is more applicable to self defence.
Before deciding which Martial Arts classes to take you will need to do some local research. Visit the local Dojos and Schools in your vicinity. As a bare minimum, watch part of a class and ask the instructor about the training. Better still take part in a few lessons and see what they are like, often the first class is a free ‘taster’ session
All of this effort will help you make the right decision. Training at a good club will change your life for the better, once you start training and get dedicated you will reap rewards you never even dreamed of.

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