MMA Life Luke Rockhold & Chris Weidman Sit Down for an Interview & It Gets Intense UFC 199 – YouTube Video Update

Luke Rockhold & Chris Weidman Sit Down for an Interview & It Gets Intense UFC 199

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The Physics of Head Stomps, Soccer Kicks, and MMA’s Other Taboo Weapons | VICE Sports
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Everyone knows about Bruce Lee, the legend in martial arts. Bruce Lee could deliver punches from a distance of one inch from the opponent’s abdomen so hard that it would lift him from the ground and he would fall some couple of feet backwards. This is the well known ‘one inch punch’ from the legend. By training in martial arts and boxing you can achieve enormous strength without having to eat huge and possessing huge muscles. Yes, you do need to train very hard. Training in martial arts require a lot of dedication but what you can achieve eat the end is unlike anything.
Repetitions are the blood and soul of martial arts training. A serious trainee will have to deliver and practice a thousand punches and he will become a pro when he had practiced a million numbers of times. Repetitions also build the mind and body coordination. The neuromuscular efficiency gets stronger with each punch and pathways between the muscles and the brain get more active. Your reflex gets quicker along with power you can deliver within a fraction of a second. Along with a quick reflex it is necessary to generate the power in your supple movements. All your muscle power is delivered through your hands when you strike a punch r through your legs when you do kick.
For a powerful punch or a kick, you need to have enough strength in your muscles. The main body part that should be trained is your legs. Anchoring the feet and keeping the body in complete balance while transferring all your power through your fists or shins requires a lot of strength. The leg muscles are the largest and thus they are able to trigger huge anabolism in your CNS (central nervous system). Since in martial arts the power gets on transferring, you train your arms too while training your legs. The main leg exercises that you should be doing are toe presses and leg presses.
Toe presses will build you powerful calf muscles. Adjust the sled of the leg press machine to the topmost position. Use around 150% to 250% more weight than usual. Place your feet balls at the base of the sled with your feet just off it. Engage your calf muscles in pressing the toes forwards. Pause for a count of two before you get back to normal posture. Repeat the processes 10 times for 1 set and try the maximum number of sets. Increase weights and repetitions when you are comfortable to do so.
Leg presses too work on your calf muscles. Do the same as said for the toe presses. This time use the power of your Quadriceps too. Train both these leg muscles so that they become strong enough. Cycling too is useful.
For generating power in the shoulders, do several repetitions of the seated shoulder press. Chinning is very effective in building up strong shoulder muscles. As for the seated shoulder press, use an instrument that limits your motion circumference. Position the handles so that they are exactly two inches below your shoulders. Raise the bar and hold for a couple of seconds before you drop it. Use a heavy weight to generate the maximum amount of tension.
Your triceps and biceps should be strong enough to deliver the strength of your whole body in a single punch. Try the bench press. Use the maximum weights in the barbell that you can lift for at least 8 times in a single set. Use a close grip for the triceps and biceps and use a wide grip if you want to do the same exercise for your shoulders.
Your hits must be like jackhammers and your strength should be similar to that of a bull. Practice is the key.

best food to eat before mma fight