MMA Life Live – November 30, 2015 Video update

The MMA Life Live – November 30, 2015 Video update MMA


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MMAWeekly is reporting that Anderson Silva (19-4-0) was planning to arrive in Cincinnati, Ohio earlier this week, but has yet to even leave Brazil. He?s apparently experiencing work visa problem due to a Brazilian holiday that had government offices closed. Instead of getting his visa on Monday or earlier, he just got his work visa yesterday and plans to arrive sometime today.

No doubt there will be speculation by everyone if Silva loses his Middleweight Title to Rich Franklin (22-2-0) this Saturday. How much of an affect this will have on his mindset going into the bout will only be known by Silva himself. The ?Spider? has always been a mentally strong fighter, so this setback may not even be an issue at all.

Another fighter that experienced work visa issues recently was Hector Lombard (11-2-1) who had to be replaced by Ryo Chonan (14-7-0) in his fight against Karo Parisyan (17-4-0), so let?s be glad that Silva actually got his visa and will be in town to defend his title.

2016 mma knockouts