MMA Life Inside MMA’s first big fight: Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki Video update

The MMA Life Inside MMA’s first big fight: Muhammad Ali vs. Antonio Inoki Video update MMA


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The popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA) as a sport is increasing rapidly with more and more people taking it up. The sport offers a great way to keep fit and also release some of the pent-up aggression or frustration that can arise due to the everyday pressures of life. The sport is becoming so popular that there is a very realistic chance that it will rival boxing in the forthcoming months. However, for those that are just getting into the sport it can be a steep learning curve in terms of techniques and buying the right equipment. Here we seek to help any newcomers to the sport by advising what you should be looking for in your MMA shorts.
Stretchable fabric
When sparring there is a very strong chance that you are going to getting dragged and pulled about by your opponent. This means that at some point your shorts are going to come under some serious stress. In order to reduce the likelihood of tearing it is a good idea to look for shorts that are made from a stretchable fabric.
Quality stitching
Whilst stretchable fabric will help take some of the strain that MMA shorts come under, it won’t completely remove the possibility of tearing. That is why it is essential to choose an option that includes quality stitching at all the seams.
As with boxing, it is advisable for participants of MMA to wear a box to protect wedding tackle; a stray low punch or kick can cause serious discomfort. In order to offer more support and to ensure that the box stays in place during the exertions of training and fighting your MMA shorts should be fitted with some internal webbing.
Split side seems
As you get into MMA you will soon realise that you have to be able to put your body through a wide range of movements. From executing a high kick, to grappling on the floor; your shorts need to provide freedom of movement. Therefore be sure to look for some that have split seems at the bottom of the outside leg as to not restrict your movement.
Adjustable waistband
Man y people find that when they take up MMA their body begins to change quite rapidly. People that are overweight can quickly begin to shed pounds due to the intensity that training involves. Those that begin with a more slender physique may quickly find that they are putting on weight as they add muscle mass. In order to avoid having to buy more MMA shorts soon after you begin the sport be sure to go for some that have an adjustable waistband and that will still fit as you lose or gain weight.

ropa mma usa