MMA Life IKON & Red Velvet reaction to Bigbang [MMA] 2015 Fancams Part 1 Video update

The MMA Life IKON & Red Velvet reaction to Bigbang [MMA] 2015 Fancams Part 1 Video update MMA


2016 mma xochimilco

While MMA is one of the most popular sports in the world, there are problems with it. Let’s be honest, while some fellow is using that Gracie Jujitsu to apply a lock or hold, he is rolling around and vulnerable to an attack from his opponents friends. Not to mention that it is not always the most intelligent thing to roll around on the ground while some fellow is trying to penetrate your body with a knife or broken bottle.

I know I have offended some MMA stylists out there, but these are questions that people should not hide from. After all, the ring looks like the final statement on fighting, but biting is a problem in a real fight. And getting your fingers broken or your eyes gouged is always a possibility when you fall on the ground and wrestle around.

No, it is better to keep a distance, be able to evade, manipulate, and even, in the extreme, run. Yes, you have to watch what kind of a surface you are on, but mobility in warfare is a crucial matter. And talking about the ability to move around, we are talking something like Shotokan, or Shorin Ryu, or Kenpo.

The problem is that people have bought into the idea that it takes decades, a life time, to learn good Kung Fu, like Shaolin or Mantis. But it doesn’t. All you have to do is find a system which understands the most important principles and concentrates on those principles.

We are not talking about Jeet Kune Do of Bruce Lee here, because we don’t want a grab bag of sample all and take what works. What we want are the actual core concepts behind this thing called the classical martial arts. We want the truth of arts such as the Shaolin styles of Hung Gar or Choy Li Fut, or other classical styles.

The best way to do this is to learn how to apply the concepts of matrixing to what you are studying. When you matrix your martial art, be it classical karate like Wado or Israeli survival like Krav Maga, it will suddenly become logical and easy to understand. And, being logical, a martial art will suddenly be ten times easier to understand.

And here’s something most people have not really come to grips with, logic leads to prediction to intuition. Those sixth sense abilities of the martial arts are sometimes difficult to grasp, but they don’t need to be. Once you start matrixing your martial arts, and I don’t care if it is tae kwon do or one of the Korean Kwans, your sixth sense abilities, your ability to understand and generate chi kung, sometimes called gi gong, will start to come to the fore.

Really, what we are talking about here is pushign the classical martial arts into modern times. We are talking about a real source of actual evolution when we are talking about learning how to Matrix. So, you walk behind that ox, sweeping up the dung with a whisk broom, or you can ride the race horse to the head of the pack by learning the fundamentals of Matrix Martial Arts.

2016 mma xochimilco