MMA Life Ido Portal on working with Conor McGregor for UFC 194 fight with Jose Aldo – YouTube Video Update

Ido Portal on working with Conor McGregor for UFC 194 fight with Jose Aldo

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I am going to tell you the straight goods about this thing called Chi. It is easy to understand, but you are going to have to give up any thoughts of mysticism. No matter if you study wudan or Shaolin, you are going to have to accept a more logical way of thinking.

In the first place, this mysterious thing we refer to as chi is a catch is real, chi exists and can be used, but everybody confuses it by calling whatever they don’t understand chi. If somebody snuffs candle at ten feet with a punch, it is the chi, but if somebody makes all the green lights, it is also the chi, so the subject of chi has been thrown around and totally confused.

To make chi one must discipline their body so it acts as a coordinated unit, I call this Coordinated Body Motion. In olden days instructors would tell their students to use the body as one unit, but that doesn’t describe what one is actually doing. One must break the body down, piece by piece, and understand all those pieces, if he is going to use it as a whole unit.

All motion of the body must start at the same instant in time. The fist and the foot move forward together, as one. There must be no push backward to give movement forward, the movement is only forward, and it must be done at the same moment.

All motion of the body must stop at the same instant. The fist and the foot end movement at the same moment. There is no staggering or swaying, the weight simply drives into the ground at the point of impact.

The parts of the body must move according to their weight and length. The hips, being heavier than the foot, must still achieve a smooth arc of motion that begins and ends at the same time as the foot. The fist having a longer arc than an elbow, or a shoulder, must still start and stop at the same time as the elbow or shoulder.

When the body starts and stops at the same time, and all the body parts are properly calibrated for the length of distance they must move and the amount of weight that must be moved, then you will achieve CBM. Coordinated Body Motion is the secret of this thing called Chi. CBM will release Chi.

When you move with CBM your attention will be off the body and on the target, and then intention will flow. It is Intention that is Chi. Intention will fill up the body with energy, and enable you to have those amazing abilities that true martial arts possess. Of course, this is just the first step, a simple little step, and to make your way to the end of the Martial Arts, and to find the True Martial Art, no matter whether you study Aikido or Karate or whatever, you must find the remaining steps of the Martial Arts.

best mma background