MMA Life How Much Money Does Conor McGregor Make Himself And UFC Each Event? – YouTube Video Update

How Much Money Does Conor McGregor Make Himself And UFC Each Event?

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Fight promoters’ wallets will not see relief from NYSAC | New York Post
best mma conditioning drills

So when the legendary martial artist and philosopher, Bruce Lee, created his philosophy of Jeetkunedo the world became a better place, especially if you are a martial artist. I plan on sharing with you some street jeetkunedo tips and concepts that you can apply to street based self defense and fighting.
Street jeetkunedo training #1 – The concept of the straight blast is one of the most under utilized fighting ideas. Most importantly this technique works amazingly well. Being able to blast forward on your opponent with a fury of punches, kicks, elbows and knees can knock the bad guy off his game plan. By following the constant forward motion moving towards and through your opponent makes it almost impossible to react. Being bombarded with strikes being forced to block and move backwards will throw any fighter no matter how experienced off of his game plan. You can also mix in some eye gouges and facial pressure point attacks to this combination of strikes to give the most bang to the bad guy!
Street jeetkunedo training #2 – Breaking a bad guys timing and hiding your own timing is essential to fighting. If you see the bad guy lining you up for a right hook why not throw him off his game, by attacking him at the exact same time! Don’t stop and wait to react to your opponents attack. Instead, throw him off his game plan and attack at the same times he attacks you. One other big concept of street Jeetkunedo is to not forshadow what your next strike or move will be. If you are going to throw a punch or a kick, do it in a way that confuses your attacker by adding feints or other decoy type self defense moves. But having the ability to break your opponents timing is integral to fighting success. Follow your own game plan and be the first to attack, don’t force yourself to wait and respond, instead be the one who is attacking.
Street jeetkunedo training #3 – Another great thing we can learn from the late and very great, Bruce Lee, is the fact you should always train. Bruce got himself into some incredible shape and you can continue learning from him even though he is dead. Reading books written by him can teach you the essentials of street jeetkunedo.
Always remember too, that you can incorporate street jeetkunedo concepts into any type of martial arts style you practice in. You can be in Judo or Kung Fu and get just as great skills applying the philosophy of Jeetkunedo to your training!

best mma conditioning drills