MMA Life Holly Holm gets emotional after beating Ronda Rousey – YouTube Video Update

Holly Holm gets emotional after beating Ronda Rousey – YouTube

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If you are working out solo, should you spend your time punching? eye jabbing? Practicing spinning kicks?

It all depends. Is your main goal self defense?

If so, then your practice techniques, whether handling your martial arts instruction solo, or working out with a teacher, should reflect your goal.

This probably means that you need a few solid principles, to help you deal with danger.

For example, In Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee said, ?Never take your eyes off of your opponent, even when you bow.?

This is very sound advice. So sound, so subtle, that most tournament fighters ignore it completely. (Yes, I am being serious.)

Let?s explore this principle, for a minute:

Look, if the rule states to always keep your eye on the ball, I mean opponent, then it means ALWAYS keep your opponent in sight. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, bu that means all of your spin kicks and spinning back fists have to be eliminated from your solo practice sessions.

Those moves may be fine for competitors, but you are practicing for self defense.

This is why you adhere to the solid principles that will keep you safe.

The Principle Will Shape Your Solo Training Techniques
As you add principles to your martial arts system, they will act as a filter to what you?ll practice in your solo martial arts training sessions.

For example, your never take your eyes of your opponent principle will eliminate spinning techniques, as well as moves where you do a forward roll, flip in the air, etc.

If you have a principle of not exposing your groin unnecessarily, then you will avoid high kicks in favor of lower shin and knee kicks.

Fewer Moves to Choose From In Your Personal Martial Instruction
Your principles will serve as your filter. Let?s point out the obvious … filters are designed to ?filter out? certain elements. This means you will have fewer techniques in your martial arts arsenal.

If your training seems a little boring, it?s because you have a smaller set of moves. A more efficient set of moves. A more dangerous set of martial arts techniques.

I have a free ebooklet that shows you a how to practice your elbow strike techniques solo. This is the kind of martial arts solo training that you are interested in.

Because once you take specific steps to make your own elbow strikes practical, you?ll learn how to counter when other martial artists elbow strike you. (Warning, you may need a partner for this part of the ?solo? practice.)

Holly Holm gets emotional after beating Ronda Rousey – YouTube