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Gabe’s Videos of the Week – Pokemon GO Training with Ronda Rousey & Bud Light Living

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Ninjutsu practitioners know that one of the most dangerous aspects of combat is the unpredictability of the moment. It does not matter if you are bigger, stronger, faster, younger, more skilled, or more experienced than your opponent. Sometimes when conflict arises, things do not go the way you want them to.
Why is this?
It can be any one, or a combination of many reasons; self-doubt or fear leading to hesitation, your opponent catching a lucky break, or environment factors, to name just a few, but whatever the reason or reasons, there are times when you might find yourself taking a tumble.
Just remember:
Getting knocked down is not important – what is important is what happens next!
Picture the scene:
Some young punk, wanting to show off to his friends, gives you shove as you walk on by minding your own business. You are unbalanced; you slip on some leaves and fall…
… only to roll gracefully away and pop back up to your feet at an angle and distance that allows you to launch a devastating counterattack!
Sounds like a scene out of a movie, right? Think again. It is very possible.
One of the many powerful and effective aspects of Ninjutsu training is the practice of Ukemi, or break falls. Once mastered, they not only enable a person to fall without injury, but they also become yet another powerful weapon in the Ninja’s “bag-of-tricks!”
Here are a few of the Ninjutsu Ukemi break fall and rolling moves, along with their Japanese names:
1) Zenpo Kaiten – the forward roll
2) Ushiro Nagare (aka Koho Kaiten) – the backward roll
3) Yoko Nagare (aka Sokuho Kaiten) – the sideways roll
4) Zenpo Ukemi – the forward break fall.
Of course there are many more within the full context of real ninjutsu training, but the point is that when combined with correct postures, the above moves can turn a disaster into an amazing escape or a combat advantage. This is because:
1) They are unexpected; your opponent will never expect such a graceful and effective recovery; he will be expecting you to break your skull on the curb or end up sprawled out, spitting teeth. Remember, the element of surprise has turned the tide of many conflicts, making break falls and rolling moves fantastic tools to add to your arsenal.
2) They are a highly effective means of gaining, closing, and controlling distance. Ninjutsu break falls and rolls allows a skilled practitioner to cover distance in a quick and effective way, and they often result in the “victim” being in an overall better position!
Ninjutsu break falls and rolls are useful in other ways too; for example, performing them helps promote and develop:
1) Environmental awareness.
2) Flexibility.
3) Coordination.
In short, there are many ways in which Ninjutsu Ukemi techniques can improve the health and conditioning of a person and help protect them against danger. Additionally, when they are combined with the many other practical, potent techniques that the art of Ninjutsu has to offer, they become even more effective!

Gabe’s Videos of the Week – Pokemon GO Training with Ronda Rousey & Bud Light Living