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The MMA Life Funniest MMA & Boxing moments – YouTube Video update MMA


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I want to be as fast as Jet Li, as acrobatic as Jackie Chan, and as humble as myself. Now, I’ve seen all the ads, I know all I have to do is engage in a bone breaking sweat for a few years, and I will achieve my peak potential. Either that or join the Green Berets.
Well, maybe I have gone a bit overboard, but there is good news in the mix here. The good news is that your body, even as it is, is capable of incredible speed and power and athleticism. The trick is not changing it, but letting it unchange into what it was meant to be.
First, you need to change your diet. Nothing extreme here, just cancel ALL fast foods, and start eating lots of veggies. When you get the sweet urge, go get a watermelon or a smoothie or something like that. I don’t recommend giving up meat, just eating more moderate portions, and that goes especially for red meat.
Now it is time for the work. A basic get in shape program starts with simple exercises, like walking, swimming, jumping jacks, a little rope jumping, and so on, and then progresses into deep squats, deep wormy push ups, and that sort of thing. Actually, I have experienced yoga as a very viable and gentle (at least in the beginning) way of making the body shape up.
Now, the best exercise you can perform, in this writer’s humble opinion, is the martial arts. The martial arts work the body through a total variety of body motion, leaping, twisting, ducking, jumping, skipping, stepping, and so on. Furthermore, they bring you to an understanding of energy, and this elevates the game to whole new levels.
The message that I am passing on here is that it takes very little work to make your body into what it is supposed to be, it just takes common sense and a modicum of gentle discipline. As you follow the principles stated here, you will realize that you don’t need bulging muscles to get the job done, you just need to streamline your body and make it work the right way. This concept–using the body in the correct manner–is what it is all about.
The PE courses offered in today’s educational institutions do not tell you how to use your body, they just get you to throw the ball to your friends, they help you socially. When you start to Matrix your body, which is usually through the process of educating yourself as to how the muscles are set up, what direction they are supposed to move in, and, most important, how to make them work together, that is when true efficiency begins, That is when you are going to understand that your human frame is just a tool, and you can work that instrument as you wish.
The key, of course, whether you are studying Tae Kwon Do, Kenpo, or any other art, is to apply Matrixing to it. Matrixing is nothing more than the study of analyzing motion…physics. And, when you break down the martial arts moves of people like Bruce Lee or Tonny Jaa, you are going to find that they are consummate students of physics, which is nothing more than rudimentary Matrixing.

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