MMA Life Floyd Mayweather defends Ronda Rousey against social media trolls Video Update

Floyd Mayweather defends Ronda Rousey against social media trolls

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Providing safety and protection for the family is not an easy task especially now that there are so many ways wherein criminals can instantly steal something away from you. If only surveillance cameras are installed everywhere, the incidence of crimes and other forms of violence will probably be lessened. Not only that, gone will be the fear that every individual is carrying as he steps outside his home.
So many days and years have passed and still the government is having difficulty from surpassing any problems concerning the welfare of the society. As you can all see, many individuals are trapped inside their own homes afraid to come out because they might become the next victims of criminals. This is reality and we should all bravely face it. If we will not act and teach ourselves with the right self defense skills, we will be depriving ourselves from enjoying what is in store for us in this world.
Everything begins at our home. The important values and lessons are learned in our own homes. It is a must that parents focus on how to teach their children with discipline, respect for elders, and the different self defense methods. They will all carry what they have learned at home when they are already exposed to the society. If you are a responsible parent who is very concerned with the children’s future, then better start doing your roles and instruct the little ones with moral values and train them to become good warriors.
There are ways wherein you can keep your home protected at all times. The single most important and powerful self defense is your cognitive thinking, in general, your brain. If you begin to panic, you lose focus and concentration disabling you to defend yourself and your family. However, if you use your head and think of ways on how you could escape from the hands of criminals attacking your home, you will definitely succeed.
One very effective self defense that you can apply once your home is under attack or is invaded by criminals is through learning any forms of Martial Arts. Even you cannot spare some time from visiting a certain martial arts school, you can buy DVD’s or instructional videos that way you can just watch them and train yourself at the comfort of your own home.
Other self defense that you can use and learn to use is the self defense weapons like the taser, stun gun and pepper spray. They can easily be learned since these types of devices are user friendly. Keeping a self defense weapon at home ensures you and your family to be safe and protected.
All the more, learning martial arts or perhaps with the use of self defense becomes useless if you do not use your initiative and think of probable ways wherein you can manage to escape. Saying it and doing it are different. So when you assure your family of a safe stay at home, better start practicing on how to focus and concentrate when faced in a life threatening situation. It is better to have tried rather than not doing anything to even defend yourself and your family.

Floyd Mayweather defends Ronda Rousey against social media trolls