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All about jujitsu kimono
Equipments are carefully considered by present day martial artists, just like the warriors of the older days used to do: their life depended on it. The jujitsu kimono of today is as important to its owner as armor was to the ancient warriors. These kimonos are highly important for people who perform this martial art as it requires better flexibility and agility. A wide range of manufacturers and vendors are now vying for the attention of the jiu jitsu Practitioners. Both men and women in ancient Japan used to wear two-piece outfits that consisted of tops that resembled jackets and short pants. The sophisticated outfit of today is a modern adaptation of the ancient dresses.
The jujitsu kimonos are usually available with a top along with a pair of pants. The top of the uniform is also known as a “gi” jacket and is the main component of the entire jiu jitsu outfit. These dresses are strictly made for the practitioners of jiu jitsu. They are more durable and heavier than the costumes used in other martial arts. The weight of these kimonos ranges between two to seven pounds. The two pound kimonos are quite new in the market and the lightest. These kimonos have a single weave while the heavier ones have double weave or even a gold weave.
The martial artists generally classify the jiu-jitsu kimonos on the basis of the material that is used as well as the weave. The most popular types of these outfits have three kinds of weaves. The dresses with single weaves are the lightest while the double weave uniforms are the heaviest ones. The costumes with gold weaves may be light or heavy depending on the fabric used. Other types of weaves that are used in the jiu jitsu uniforms are the hybrid weave, pearl weave and honey comb weave. This is the most important thing about the jiu jitsu tops.
The pants of the jiu-jitsu kimonos are not manufactured of the same material as the tops. Three different types of fabrics are used to make these pants. These are drill cloth, canvas and rip stop. The drill cloth is the most popular fabric and the traditional material that is used for manufacturing the jiu jitsu pants. However the pants made of rip stop fabric are now gaining popularity as they are harder to rip or tear and some of them may never rip. But the best material that can be used is the canvas material as it is most comfortable and it has a better tear resistance compared to the drill cloth fabric. The drill cloth is, however, still a great material for the jujitsu kimonos and you can train with them for about a year. The jiu jitsu pants usually possess two loops on the top for the drawstrings.
There are different types of jiu jitsu uniforms made from drill cloth. Today, the outfits with rope drawstrings are gaining popularity. The jiu-jitsu kimonos are available in different colors but the colors that are allowed by the competition rules are black, white and blue. The belt color must be according to the category of the martial artist.

best mma ufc movies