MMA Life ESPN First Take – Golden State Warriors, Colin Kaepernick & Ronda Rousey (FULL) Video Update

ESPN First Take – Golden State Warriors, Colin Kaepernick & Ronda Rousey (FULL)

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Here, I will to introduce to you a “new” technique of fear control, that I can almost feel safe to say that you probably have never seen before – a fear-busting technique for fighting that will virtually “blow your you away” at it’s effectiveness once you try it!  This fear management technique takes creative visualization to the next level with a twist, a small tweak, that makes it an awesomely effective tool of fear management.  This “new” technique of fear elimination, I call the “Reverse Perspective” fear control technique.
Let us take a look first at one of the standard and highly effective methods of fear dissipation:
Creative Visualization
The whole idea behind creative visualization is that one of the main reasons that you feel fear is because you are unfamiliar with a new and sudden situation.  Fear of the unknown is at the basis of all of our fears.  The quickest and easiest way to become familiar with the intensity and violent explosiveness of a real street confrontation is to visualize it first, with eyes closed, for 10 minutes, as a mental movie with all of the detailed and exquisite sensual images that you can conjure.  What are the sounds that you hear?  The smacks and blows of your hand and fist against the head or neck of your assailant.  What are the smells your imagine? Your clothing and the black leather jacket of your opponent.  What sights do you see (in your mind)?  You attacker grabbing at his eyes in pain as he falls to the ground after you knee stomp him.  This is the normal and well-practiced type of visualization.  Now, we go to the next level.
The “Reverse Perspective” Visualization
Stay with me now as this may be a little tricky to understand at first, but with “Reverse Perspective” visualization, you now, still with eyes closed, imagine yourself inside of your opponents body and imagine that you are experiencing the fight from his perspective.  Imagine that you are looking out through his eyes and that you, as him, are now looking at you – as you attack and control him.  You imagine and think his thoughts which are on the line of “Oh, my God.  This guy looks ready.  This guy looks like his is really going to let me have it.  Ow!  He hit me in the groin.  Oh, I can’t see.  He scratched his fingers against my eyes.  I wish I had never started this with him!”
Try “Reverse Perspective” visualization after you do a regular creative visualization.  Try it.  Just try it.  You will be amazed at how much faster you feel confidence and control.  No matter what you have to say about it in theory, it does have one distinct advantage.  It works.

ESPN First Take – Golden State Warriors, Colin Kaepernick & Ronda Rousey (FULL)