MMA Life EA SPORTS UFC 2 | Gameplay Series: KO Physics, Submissions, Grappling, Defense – YouTube Video Update

EA SPORTS UFC 2 | Gameplay Series: KO Physics, Submissions, Grappling, Defense

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Latest UFC on FOX 21 fight card, rumors for ‘Maia vs Condit’ on Aug. 27 in Vancouver –
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To get the most out of your chosen martial art or self defence class, there are some things you should learn as well as good self defence moves and fight techniques:
Do – Turn up early (at least 15 minutes before time) so you can get your shin guards, hand-wraps and groin guard ready.
Don’t – Turn up 10 minutes after class has started and jump straight into an intense workout without warming up. Try and go slow at first if it’s not possible for you to do some warm up skipping or relays. (But do so only if it doesn’t hamper any other student / fighter in the class).
Do – Show respect to the other students at all times. They will respect you back and it makes working together a lot more fun.
Don’t – Go in with a know it all attitude, sneering at anyone else who makes mistakes. You will quickly alienate yourself from other students and be ‘green-lighted’ for a good thrashing by a disgruntled sparring partner.
Do – Hold the focus pads, paddles and air-shields correctly and give the role of pad-holder the attention it requires. This is critical for helping your partner get their fight techniques right.
Don’t – Over-criticise or sneer at your partner if they do something wrong. Instead offer constructive criticism and pointers and pay attention to all aspects of their techniques including speed, power, stance and movement. If you show this sort of care they will reciprocate.
Do – Respect your coaches, trainers, sensei or whatever. just because they themselves may not have made a successful and lucrative career out of fighting that does not mean that they do not know what they are talking about. In fact, a lot of successful fighters do not make good coaches, good coaches make good coaches and as you apply what they teach you and practise you will see the results for yourself.
Don’t – Go into training dirty, ill or infected. Staph, Athlete’s foot, Scabies and other contagious illnesses should be treated before you spar with a partner. If you fail to isolate the infection(s) from spreading to others they may come back and re-infect you, which in turn will affect your training and lose you the respect of your peers.
Do – Work hard!
Work at your fitness, work at your fight techniques, work at your self defence moves. It will reward you tenfold.

best mma training centers in usa