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Are you into martial arts training? Perhaps you want to join those mixed martial arts competitions. But it’s also possible that you just want to learn the best martial art there is or more of that so you can defend not only yourself but the people you care about as well. There are indeed great self defense techniques that you can learn. But whatever your purpose, you have to remember that there are certain exercises that need to be included in your training.
Warm-up & Cool-down Exercises
Any type of training has to begin with warm-up exercises and should end with those cool-down exercise routines. Think: appetizer for the main course and then dessert after your meal. You know you can’t just kick off with your training without warming up first. You will shock your muscles if you do that and it can lead to serious injuries. Even the best martial art is not worth having an injury for. Bear in mind that you are learning martial arts because of the accompanying self defense techniques that you can get and not to injure your own self. Cooling down will help your muscle groups and the entire body to gradually go back to its normal condition. Cool-down exercises are equally important.
Stretching Exercises
Usually, you use stretching exercises when you warm up before training and when you cool down afterwards. But you can also do stretching within the said training if you want to. It can be somewhat like a 30-second or 1-minute “filler” between routines so that you can have a bit of rest in between. Some sample stretching exercises that you can do include back stretch, butterfly stretch, hamstring stretch and more. These stretching exercises can improve your flexibility as well.
Cardio Exercises
You also need to incorporate cardio exercises because your training requires certain stamina and cardiovascular endurance. You have to build strength and endurance to be able to learn and execute as effectively as possible. Perhaps you have heard about weight training and heavy bag training. Some professional mixed martial artists (those who join several competitions) include those cardio exercises in their training.
Balance Exercises
Don’t forget about balance exercises as well. As you may have known, several martial arts may require perfect balancing skills from you and that you can enhance those skills if you include certain exercise routines improving balance in your training. Examples of balance exercises are handstand, leg lift, one leg stand and knee on the bag.
Breathing Exercises
You should also know that proper breathing is an important aspect of any martial arts training. You can perform much better if you have undergone several breathing exercises and already understood how proper breathing works especially when you’re learning self defense techniques. You probably have heard about abdominal breathing, nose panting and attention breathing exercises. Learn more of those while you train.
These exercises can be very useful while you train to be good at whatever martial art you are pursuing. Keep that in mind.

best cities to train mma