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EA Sports UFC 2 – Fight Like Mike Tyson Trailer | PS4

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best mma circuit training routine

Are you looking to get into better shape, but get bored quickly with exercise? Do you struggle with motivation? If I am speaking to you, martial arts might be just what the doctor ordered.
Checkout these 5 awesome ways martial arts can change your life for the better:
1) Get the body you deserve – The quickest way to improve physical fitness and appearance is exercise. If you want to improve stamina, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness give martial arts a try. You will also have improved agility with the kicking and punching drills of martial arts.
When you are exercising do you catch yourself wondering how long until the exercise is over? That’s not the case with a martial arts class. If you take an hour class, the workout will be over before you know it. You won’t notice the time passing in the class, but you will notice the difference in the mirror quickly.
A great way to shed a few extra pounds and tone up your body is taking a martial arts class. You will get to the point that you can’t wait to go back to the class next week. Your mind and body will appreciate your new found active lifestyle.
2) Become skilled at self-defense – Learning self defense is an added bonus to getting a toned body. You will feel safer in a dark alley at night. Criminals beware!
Kids that are bullied at school can learn how to defend themselves as well.
3) Improve your self-confidence – An improved self-image will lead to an improved self-confidence. Looking at the mirror in the morning will no longer be a dread but something to look forward to. Just think how you will feel when you can wake up, look in the mirror and see a flat belly. You will feel great about yourself.
With your newly acquired skills, you will be able to solve problems quicker and work through challenging situations with ease. Tasks that you thought were impossible in the past will seem easier to do. Your new confidence will help you try new things and expect success in your life.
4) Build up your mental focus – All martial arts disciplines emphasize mental focus. Along with learning physical skills and techniques, you will learn to clear your mind and focus on the current task you are working on. This improved mental focus will help you in every area of your life.
Instead of being scatter brained unable to concentrate chasing squirrels, you will find a peace within that you never would have thought possible.
5) Relieve stress – Martial arts is a great way to get rid of the frustration and stress of the daily grind. Along with getting out built up stress, you will be focusing on learning the skills in the class, you might just forget about those pesky bills or other stresses of your life.
The sparring matches, heart pumping exercise and mental distraction that martial arts provides is a great for anyone looking for an action packed way to get in shape. If other forms of exercise have failed you, give martial arts a try. You will come to appreciate the benefits of martial arts in many ways.

best mma circuit training routine