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Only a small percentage around 3% of sports athletes have the time, talent, coaching and resources to compete in the Olympic Games.
In fact we are not just taking about the Olympic athletes we are taking about any champion athlete it could be a mixed martial arts ultimate fighting champion in the octagon. Here are some of the most important mental skills a successful athlete has.

It is the behaviour, thinking and habits of this small and successful group that provides the example we?d want to model for success in our martial arts training. Here are some great examples:-

Successful Athletes Mental Skills

1. Choose and maintain a positive attitude, realising attitude is a choice, pursue excellence, not perfection, and realize that they, as well as their coaches, teammates, officials, and others are not perfect.
2. Maintain a high level of self-motivation. Are able to persist through difficult tasks and difficult times, even when these rewards and benefits are not immediately forthcoming.
3. Set high, realistic goals and are highly committed to their goals and to carrying out the daily demands of their training programs.
4. Deal effectively with people and have learned effective skills for dealing with conflict, difficult opponents, and other people when they are negative or oppositional.
5. Maintain their self-confidence during difficult times with realistic, positive self-talk.
6. Use positive mental imagery that is detailed, specific, and realistic.
7. Manage anxiety effectively and know how to reduce anxiety when it becomes too strong, without losing their intensity
8. Manage their emotions effectively and are able to use these emotions to improve, rather than interfere with high level performance
9. Maintain concentration and have learned how to maintain focus and resist distractions, whether they come from the environment or from within themselves.

The other 97% are in the majority, so the lesson is; pay less attention to the majority and look for the attitudes and behaviours of the top three percent.

best mma training camps in the u.s.a