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The Korean martial art of Hapkido has been gaining quite a following in London thanks to the efforts of Tammy Parlour, a fourth dan black belt who’s the chief instructor at Chang’s Hapkido Academy London, based at Blackfriars in the city.

As well as building up her academy, Parlour Saboumnim (to give her proper title) also featured heavily in new footage included in the re-issued martial arts classic movie, Hapkido, and she’s also one of the subjects of a soon-to-be-released documentary series on martial arts.

Every 4 months, the London Hapkido School hosts a visit from Master Gedo Chang, the founder of Chang’s Hapkido Academy and the President of the World Hapkido Union. He travels over from the US to London to grade Hapkido students and hold two seminar classes.

Events happen on a Sunday and the schedule for the day is usually:
9.30am ? 12pm: Seminar on Ki Meditation.
12.30pm ? 2pm: Student grading.
2.30pm ? 5pm: Seminar on Hapkido self-defence techniques.

The two seminars are fee-only but the grading is free to spectators and provides a good introduction for anyone interested in learning what Chang’s Hapkido London is all about.

Anyone interested in attending the London seminars, trying a lesson at the London martial arts school or joining the academy should contact Tammy Parlour on 07951 535876 or via email on [email protected]
Internet users can log on at: .

best mma gym in austin texas