MMA Life Daniel Cormier & Kenny Florian on nerves before UFC fights Video Update

Daniel Cormier & Kenny Florian on nerves before UFC fights Video Update

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Have you ever thought about the fact that many karate trainees, for instance, cannot actually lead a fight to the end (with their success, I mean)? I have actually tried with one of my friends, an excellent karate fighter. During training, with the typical moves, he is great; no one can outperform him. So I wanted him to deal with me as in a real street fighting situation.

I acted in consequence. I pushed him back, rather brutally, if you ask me and then I punched him. I merely punched in the spots where I saw an opening. First, the push back had surprised him completely ? practically swept him off his feet ? and I mean that literally. It was the typical street fight and he could not handle it. I was amazed at how often I could catch him off guard.

Do I want to make a point with this? Well, I definitely do, else I would not be telling you this story. The idea is that real street fighting may be more aggressive than what you might expect or what you might be trained to in a karate module, for instance. Indeed, real street fighting is hard line. Consider the place where you are training currently. Is it a roomy one? Well, leave that spacious idea out of your mind, because in real street fighting you might find yourself in a dead-end street, cornered by several adversaries.

In such a situation, your training in that sizeable room will prove useless. Nothing has prepared you for this crooked street fight situation. You need to open your eyes. Many of the street fight approaches you master are not truly street fight as long as you have not stepped out of that training room. Do you think it is sufficient to learn to break some wood board to defeat those street attackers?

I beg pardon, but the reality is completely different ? and disappointing, I might add, for those who train for it in a completely inadequate, non-valid manner. Street attackers will laugh in your face once they have cornered you in a cul-de-sac. All your wood board-break training will serve you nothing, particularly if any of them sticks out a blade or a knife to threaten you.

Does this sound unreal to you? Well, then it is time you did a reality check and see how things really are. Street combat is violent. Street combat is incredibly fast ? in a matter of seconds, you can lay hurt, exhausted or God forbid dead at the feet of your attackers. Real street combat is a fact. My words may be a hard shove for you right now, but I am using them to open your eyes.

It is time you found out what it truly means to be a real street fight target. It is time you found out what it means to hit a real attacker. Street combat is not a motionless wood board, waiting for your hands to break it. Oh no, you will amazingly see this ?board? move towards you and take an unexpected stance. The attacker is not frozen. Stay prepared for your street combat approach with these thoughts in mind ? you will be able to face such situations better, if they occur.

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