MMA Life Dana White “We Pulled Conor McGregor Out of UFC 200” – YouTube Video Update

Dana White “We Pulled Conor McGregor Out of UFC 200”

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First of all you have to remember that your prospective students are not inundated with as many emails as you are. Yes, there probably on some mailing lists and yes, they get a bunch of emails for work, normal life, and family stuff. But the chances of them being on a bunch of marketing email lists like you are is very slim. That’s why if you use email marketing for your martial arts school you really can do well.
Just keep in mind a few things about email marketing…
Passive email…
These are auto-responders that you set up in advance. You can set some up for new students. You can also have auto-responders for when prospects “opt-in” to your website. Just space them out over the course of some time and make them relevant to the person receiving them.
Active email…
A lot of martial arts business owners struggle with this. But it is so simple. Active emails are based on “what’s going on your martial arts school.” You can email your prospects about new things that are happening and then make subtle hint about them calling you or coming in for more info. Emailing your current students your message of the week, class updates and other special messages will boost retention.
The key is to start using email marketing or your martial arts school and then have fun with it. When done right, you can really make a great connection to your prospects and students. So get started by sending your students and fun email today.

best mma gym in el paso